Manufacturers and Brands

We are a wholesale company in sustainable, fair trade, ecological and environmentally friendly products. We believe in small scale distribution to bring green and environmentally friendly products to the attention of the market.
It is cheaper and much easier to order a small quantity of products from various manufacturers simultaneously on one point, then place an order to the manufacturers one by one .
Our advantages
- No minimum purchase
- No high shipping costs:
- Any desired number can be ordered, including multiple brands in one order.
- Easy ordering and next day delivery.
- More than 1000 products in stock
Our online catalog is very nice and shows clear images and discounts. So you see exactly what and when you ordered and paid for. online You can create your own order list, see the order history, favorites and you can find more product information by a simple click.
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For example for WakaWaka we managed stock and distribution for every country in the world (except USA)We did that for 3 years before they decided to really go for  „Buy one Give one“ and reselling/distibution was not possible any more
If we decide to resell a new product, we have to be convinced it fits in our range, the pricing is right and is compatible with similar products in the market.
We think water saving is very important in the future.
So if you can send us the consumer price list we would be happy to investigate the possibilities of reselling

BRANDS: RagBag,Humble Brush,Hevea,Rydon