About FunFairGreen.com

FunFairGreen.com is an initiative dedicated to make the world more sustainable and reducing poverty through trade. We offer a wide range of wholesale products in our own country (Holland) already, and by means of this website extend our reach to a worldwide audience. 

In 2010 we started a wholesale to sell fair trade, fair fun and green (non-food) products to retailers, vending services, offices, and hotels. But it actually all started back in 2006 when Eco-Logisch was founded as a green DIY-store in the center of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Since, we have developed one of the biggest green webshops in Europe, and supply many off-line shops in Holland and Belgium.
Why buy from funfairgreen.com?
Many retailers across Holland and Europe already support our mission to fight poverty through trade, and know we offer excellent support, fast shipment, and reasonable prices. To join them click here.
We welcome any international organisation, shop, wholesaler, retailer, franchise, etcetera. If you are interested and would like to talk to a member of the retail team, please call us +31-20-2629467 - or email us your questions or requests.

The team

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